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Our Story

Brad Rubin, the visionary Founder of Indorgro, was diagnosed with spinal stenosis back in 2011. Following four spinal surgeries, Brad found himself in a cycle of relying on opioid medications to manage chronic pain. The continuous need for these powerful medications took a significant toll on Brad and his family's well-being.

Brad's story took a turn for the better when he found medical cannabis as a substitute for opioids in alleviating his chronic pain. Enduring five arduous years of opioid treatments, lidocaine and ketamine infusions, and steroid injections, Brad made the switch to medical cannabis in May 2017. This shift not only greatly enhanced his personal quality of life but also had a positive effect on the well-being of his family.

Yet, this remedy came with an exorbitant price tag. Consequently, Brad opted to self-educate on cultivating top-quality cannabis for medical use and delving deeper into comprehending Health Canada's legal framework and regulations. Cultivating cannabis enabled Brad to discover the ideal genetic combinations suitable for alleviating his chronic pain symptoms.

Today, Brad focuses on building partnerships in the cannabis sector. His goal is to create a comprehensive platform offering personalized and licensed retail services for home cannabis cultivation, meeting the diverse needs of those seeking therapeutic or recreational use.

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