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A tissue-cultured plant thrives within a sealed jar aboard the Eden ISS research facility in Antarctica.

Centre for Medicinal Plant Health Research

Improve Life - University of Guelph

"The University of Guelph's Ontario Agricultural College is among the world's leading horticulture research institutes and the undisputed leader in closed environment horticulture systems and integrated pest management solutions. We have a responsibility to guide Canada and the world towards the future of sustainable medicinal plant research.  This is impact research that improves life."


- Dr. Mike Dixon, Professor and Director, Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility, University of Guelph.

Projects, Past & Present

The Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility and its Space and Advanced Life Support Agriculture program are an essential part of Canada’s contributions to plant research and development for space and closed environment-related activities.

Canadian Space Agency Deep Space Food Challenge

The challenge combines NASA and the Canadian Space Agency efforts to address food production challenges in Canada through space utilization. It involves parallel prize competitions, aiming to advance space policies of both nations while also benefiting Earth

Plant Cultivation Technologies for Safe Food Production in Space.  The crew aboard Eden-ISS Antarctica Waiving.

The aim of the EDEN ISS project is to propel controlled environment agriculture technologies beyond current standards. It concentrates on demonstrating ground-level advancements in plant cultivation technologies and their adaptability for space applications. 

Chris Hadfield holding tomato seeds for the Tomatosphere experiment aboard the Internation

Success germination echoes the success of Tomatosphere™, an ongoing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) project founded by Dr. Mike Dixon, retired Canadian astronaut Bob Thirsk and other partners that has sent tomato seeds to space for over two decades.


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